Welcome to Unschool.

This blog is a space to express what we feel, think, and want to convey.

Each post is done by members of unschool. Comments, however, could be from anybody in the world, and those comments may come from unschool members and some may not.

In no way are we attempting to promote any opinion, idea, action, or value. This blog, as well as our meetings, are meant as a space to offer information and different points of view on a number of subjects.

You could say, however, that we are promoting freedom of expression, whether it is ideas, actions, and opinions.

A free, open space for inquiry and conversation.

Unschool is a collective with a new aesthetic. We believe in the potential of human beings to be much, much, more.

We are everywhere,  with the atoms of change  expanding exponentially every second.

Conversation of a new paradigm is happening : Human-scale, environmentally sustainable,  community oriented. Life, deconstructed.

It permeates through every person, town, state, and country.

We will not be silent.

Join the conversation.

To help out, you can either comment on the blog with your thoughts, or e-mail the contact found under the Find Us? Tab to come to our weekly meetings. Or find us in person, of course.

Also, if you are artistic, we need your help. Contact us!