Military Contracts at UNH

All of the information below came right from the website for the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences at UNH:
Electrical and Computer Engineering:
One of the sponsors listed on the website is the United States Air Force
Consolidated Advanced Technologies for Law Enforcement
– CATLAB – Project 54 – Voice Operated Police Cruiser
Project 54 Blog –
Critical Infrastructure Dependability Lab
They do research on non-lethal weapons and other technologies. One of the companies listed is BAE Weapons.
Strong ties with the Department of Homeland Security.
New England Academic Center for Emergency Preparedness and Response
Synthetic Vision and Pattern Analysis Laboratory Sensors and Tracking
Mechanical Engineering:
Design and Manufacturing Laboratory
Has a project partially funded by TurboCam.
Material Science Program:
One project partially funded by US Army
Both below seem fishy and seem to have projects similiar to the one directly above this.
Center for High Rate Nanomanufacturing
Nano Group
Has Department of Defense listed as Sponsor
NH Industrial Research Center:
Good site to see what grants have been awarded, for example this US Air Force one –
Nonlethal Technology Innovation Center:
Website says they are currently under review
“established to strengthen ties between the college and industry”
Members include:

Michael Dalton

Former President
Unitil Corporation
Exeter, N.H.

Paul Hoffman

Engineering Director,
Electronic Solutions BAE Systems
Nashua, NH 03061

George Kontopidis

Sr. VP Engineering
Advanced Platform Group
NMS Communications
Framingham, Mass.

Christopher J. Clark

President & CEO
Intellitech Corp.
Durham, N.H

Mark P. Hepp

Managing Director
Halcyon Technologies, LLC
North Hampton, N.H.


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