UNH police plans for more surveillance cameras on campus

A 2010-02-21 article in Foster’s Daily Democrat describes UNH police plans to install more surveillance cameras on campus. Here’s a short excerpt from the article:

Cameras also are used in some campus buildings on the University of New Hampshire. However, after the fall semester, which saw several assaults, campus police are wondering if more surveillance cameras on campus would’ve stopped some of these crimes.

Even before those crimes took place, the university charged campus police with developing a strategic plan for placing cameras around campus, according to Sgt. Steven Lee. Because the plan is still in the works, it’s unknown how many cameras the university would try to purchase, where they would be placed and who would monitor them.

It’s also unknown when the university would install the cameras.

“Obviously there’s an evidentiary value to using the cameras, but I think the deterrent effect is also notable,” Lee said. “It’s a tool, but not a cure-all by any stretch.”

Lee said any plan involving surveillance cameras on campus wouldn’t include cameras inside the dorms, but could include cameras at dorm entrances. Cameras could also be placed outside buildings and in parking lots.

“The privacy issues will weigh on us,” Lee said. “We want that balance of wanting the students to have privacy but ensuring safety.”

Lee suspects that privacy issues will be raised when discussions about the technology become more serious.


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