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You are a teacup

You are a teacup that is hooked into a billion other teacups.

In every moment we choose what we fill ourselves with.

Domination. Violence. Fear. Separation. Love. Hope. Strength.

We must choose to empty ourselves of the fear of our lives in order to be full of love and strength and hope. We must empty ourselves of the negative in order to find peace within ourselves- there’s only so much room in the cup.

If we fill our lives with the illusion that we are individuals unique unto ourselves, we forget that we are connected. If we can break down the idea that we are autonomous, we begin to see how we affect each other. When we recognize our connectedness, we see that we must stand in solidarity in order to liberate ourselves. If I try to break out of a system of injustice without recognizing that we’re connected, I’m just going to pull you through the mud: we’ve got to stand up together.

Fill your cup with love. Empty yourself of the fear. It is an illusion, a distraction from the knowledge that it has been obscuring the entire time. You know who you are, but the fear is obscuring your vision by telling you who you “ought” to be.

Empty yourself of the fear and you will find the strength to know yourself.

There is nothing to fear.




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