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Un-open your coke.

Coca-Cola is everywhere at UNH. I’m fairly certain they fund the sustainability program.. 😦

Why don’t we do something about it? What’s so bad about Coke, you ask?

1) Coke is NOT a local business, obviously. That means the majority of the money spent on coke products DOESN’T go back into the community.

2) Homogenized, “standard” products, as opposed to a unique product offered by a business in the seacoast area

3) Overexploitation and Pollution of Water Sources in India (indiaresource.org), Mexico (ciepac.org), Ghana and elsewhere  (polarisinstitute.org)

4)Aggressive Marketing to Children of Nutritionally Worthless and Damaging Products (commercialexploitation.org and schoolpouringrights.com)

5) “Coca Cola has contracted with or otherwise directed paramilitary security forces that utilize extreme violence and murdered, tortured, unlawfully detained or otherwise silenced trade union leaders”- (Killercoke.org)

Anyways, the answer is pretty simple. I believe we should eliminate vending machines completely, because they waste tons of energy and promote a wasteful lifestyle (eating packaged food shipped from faraway places is NOT green). BUT a step in that direction would be something like…eliminating COKE from UNH! Tons of other colleges have done it, so lets roll!

For more info, check out killercoke.org.



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University PD. Bless their souls!

“The mission of the University of New Hampshire Police Department is to support the University in creating an environment that is conducive to higher education by protecting life and property and assisting members of the University community.”

Pulled this off the UNH Police Department homepage. What a sham.

First off, we have no “good Samaritan policy”. It basically is a policy initiated by some colleges that relieves students of their alcohol offenses if they are calling for medical help from alcohol poisoning.

Students at UNH, however, get in trouble when they call for help.

Also, just last week drug-sniffing dogs raided the minis, looking for pot most likely. How is that protecting students? Sounds to me like a nice way to “show enforcement” to please the officials in New Hampshire..

Also, the fact that police can arrest you for having a few beers in your fridge, even when not drinking them, is atrocious. I’m thinking we need a little leeway here..Am I wrong? Maybe a student movement to reduce the UNH department’s power on campus?

One more thing. The university is considering adding a bunch of cameras around campus. Well, sounds like a safer place after the cameras are installed right? Wrong. Cameras actually aren’t effective deterrents of crime, and even after crimes are committed they arent very useful (Look it up). Then theres the Orwellian-esque surveillance aspect…Who knows how these can be abused by the PD? We’ve seen their work on drug and alcohol charges, who knows- If you “look drunk” on camera it could be proof, right?  Or maybe it will push students into a state of fear, a ominous police-state always watching could certainly do that…


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All you see in your world is the outcome of your idea about it.

Imagine the ideal life. It could be something like a society that fosters altruism, compassion for others, and an understanding of everything playing an integral part of the whole.

So act. Everything you say is a manifestation of your values. Say what you mean. And remember that every action does not go unheeded.

Every action or statement has equal value to any other statement or action. It is a part of something. Anything. Whether the exact goal is not known, the direction is essential. Go in that direction with what you believe.

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