Simple, Personal Changes

Welcome. You’re looking for simple ways to stay on the fringes of the current system? Perfect. Heres some tips on how to create the world you may envision.

Solidarity Economy: An alternative development framework that is grounded in practice and the in the principles of:  solidarity, mutualism, and cooperation; equity in all dimensions (race/ethnicity/ nationality, class, gender, LGBTQ); social well-being over profit and the unfettered rule of the market; sustainability; social and economic democracy; and pluralism, allowing for different forms in different contexts, open to continual change and driven from the bottom-up.

Most Importantly: Question who is behind your decisions or morals. Are you defining what is important to you?

Solidarity forms of consumption:

  • Simple living. Reduce/resuse/repair/recycle.
  • Grow your own food.
  • Build things yourself!
  • Get stuff from goodwill or salvation army-type places.
  • DIY your stuff as much as you can. It makes you feel accomplished and adds a unique flair, as opposed to standardized products.
  • Live off the excessive waste. Freeganism, gleaning, freecycling
  • Buy socially responsible or sustainable products: fair trade, CSA’s, etc
  • Buy local! The majority of the money spent goes back into your community. On the flipside, buying from Corporations don’t feed into communities, they leech from them.
  • Share rides, housing, tools, equipment, anything!

Solidarity Forms of Exchange:

  • Getting/giving for free: Free markets, charity, volunteer, skillshare
  • Support local co-ops
  • Barter and swap: barter clubs, swapfests
  • Squatting living spaces that aren’t being used, refusing eviction
  • Community-currencies: Local money systems opposing U.S. dollar

Solidarity Forms of Working and Producing:

  • Work for a socially responsible and/or green business
  • As part of a worker owned coop (
  • As part of a producer coop (farmer’s coop)
  • As part of a CSA (
  • As a social entreprepeur ( (
  • Work for a nonprofit with solidarity-based goals
  • Transform a non-solidarity-based business
  • Volunteer worker
  • As a member of a timetrade circle (
  • As part of a progressive union (

Check out for more info on the Solidarity Economy!


4 responses to “Simple, Personal Changes

  1. Question everything. Question this. Why are you reading this? What brought you here?

    Be the change.

    Objectification and violence and domination only separate us from each other, ourselves and the world in which we live. Do we really want to continue to live this kind of life?

    No. So why do we?

    Why do we wake up and put on our sweat shop made clothing in our oil heated homes and go to work in our oil consuming cars and recycle the water bottle we drank on the way in and think that we did our part for the planet?

    Why do we continue to lie to ourselves that the lives we live are consistent with our values? Unless you value murder, pillaging of the earth, exploitation of land, animal and humanity- you are being a hypocrite. We all are.

    And we need to take a step back and evaluate our lives. Figure out why we’ve allowed ourselves to consent to a system of domination by not speaking out and living in defiance of it.

    And more importantly, we need to figure out how to resist, break down the system and liberate ourselves and our world.

    Here’s the thing: we’re on square one. First, we have to examine how we got here and figure out an escape plan.

  2. Anonymous

    stop trying to express yourself with clothes. don’t buy anything today. stop objectifying people. turn off your cell phone. write a poem for a stranger and give it to her or him. love or hate. do them with passion.

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