The structure?

Sorry if I messed with the site- I’ll explain:

I saw whoever modified the site wanted more organization, and I agree. But the way that you did it put specific posts into static pages, which can’t be organized by category or tags, and can’t be archived. Also, the comments on those static pages are much harder to track.

I simply made it easier to categorize and tag things for organization. Now if anyone has something to put on the site, Post it. This way, you can tag and categorize it and it can be archived for later usage when newer posts take its place. The other pages that aren’t under “News/Posts” are static, therefore they are better for reference to specific info that doesnt get updated often.

Once again, sorry, but I feel its a better way to organize, I hope you understand that. Feel free to comment.


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  1. Anonymous

    Like what you did with the place.

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