March 4th – Student Strike! National Day of Action to Defend Education

Today will go down in history. Welcome to the START of one of the largest student movements in the United States. Expect it to be a shit show. More to come as events unfold.

We need to connect with this national movement and start organizing for future actions on campus.

Unschool UNH expresses full solidarity with the students who will be participating in these actions.

CNN – Students Across US Plan to Protest Education Funding Cuts

Here are some links to some websites, many of them blogs, from other student groups across the country that will be participating in these actions.

March 4th Strike and Day of Action

Occupy California

Occupy Boston

Occupy NY

Take the City

Against Cuts – The Time to Fight Back is Now!

Keep Building Brown

The New School Re-Occupied

We Are the Crisis

Education is Not For Sale


Emancipating Education for All (International Student Movement Page)

Timeline of Student Protests from 2009 – International


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One response to “March 4th – Student Strike! National Day of Action to Defend Education

  1. SDS call to Support and Take Action on March 4th
    March 3, 2010

    from sds

    On March 4th, student groups and others across the country will be taking action to defend the right to education at all levels, from pre-K through 12, adult education, community colleges, to the university level. Budget cuts affect all, but especially the working class and oppressed nationality students that will be hit the hardest by further budget cuts that attack our right to education.

    SDS supports the national call to action for actions on March 4th and is calling on all SDS chapters to take up the call to fight back and be a part of the nationwide resistance movement that is saying enough is enough – no more budget cuts on the backs of students and workers! While this country is continuing to spend millions on wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and giving our money to rich bankers, state universities are cutting scholarships for oppressed nationality and working students, and eliminating funding for women’s and cultural centers that focus on Black and Chican@ programming and education.

    SDS works for the democratic transformation of education in this country through its national campaign, Student Power for Accessible Education. The goals of this campaign are:

    1. Universal, free, equitably-funded schools at all levels
    2. Schools run democratically by students, workers, teachers, and the
    local community
    3. Debt cancellation of all student loans
    4. Affirmative action and a focus on anti-oppression to end all forms
    of oppression in our schools and communities

    We in SDS call on students across the country to stand up and take action against budget cuts at your university. Protest proposed budget cuts, sit-in at administrator or board of trustee meetings, call for walk-outs, host a teach-in, chalk or table on campus to educate your fellow students. Get out and make your voice heard against budget cuts and for accessible public education.

    The national March 4th call states “Why March 4? On October 24, 2009 more than 800 students, workers, and teachers converged at UC Berkeley at the Mobilizing Conference to Save Public Education. This massive meeting brought together representatives from over 100 different schools, unions, and organizations from all across California and from all sectors of public education. After hours of open collective discussion, the participants voted democratically, as their main decision, to call for a Strike and Day of Action on March 4, 2010. All schools, unions and organizations are free to choose their specific demands and tactics — such as strikes, rallies, walkouts, occupations, sit-ins, teach-ins, etc. — as well as the duration of such actions. Let’s make March 4 an historic turning point in the struggle against the cuts, layoffs, fee hikes, and the re-segregation of public education.”

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