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Critical Consistency

Call me out on my shit because I’m going to call you out on yours-that’s what dialogue is. But if neither of us speak up, no one will ever learn anything.

If in the process of progress we leave behind folks because we allow ourselves to make sexist comments, compromise on racism or oppress the poor- we have not made progress we have just changed the oppression.

We cannot use tools of oppression in removing oppression or else all we have done is change the name of the dictator that rules us.

We cannot allow blame. We must work for the liberation of all, even those in power, because often they don’t KNOW that they are in power. The people enforcing power dynamics are ALL OF US. We are not exempt. We like to think that we are; but we consent to the exploitation of others by living in a system that perpetuates it. And we must recognize how we also contribute.

We’re all policing each other into compliance with a system of oppression and I don’t want to be a cop!

We have to critically look at ourselves and each other and from a place of love say “Are we being consistent?” and when the answer is NO, we have to work to change that.

Think of it as a road map to change: we’re all on the road, and almost no one ever gets there, if anyone, but we’re all moving towards it and that’s the point. We have to help each other-but we can’t leave anyone behind or else no one will reach the end of the road.

And guilt is just a road block. Suck it up, check yourself, learn something. No one is perfect and we’re all learning from each other.

But we have to be honest with ourselves.

Until we break out of our own power dynamics and work to abolish them for all we cannot have progress because we will still be moving in the same system.

We must try not to compromise. But, we must recognize how we can compromise less. And we have to hold each other accountable to a new standard of critical consistency with the ideals we expose about peace and change.

We need to seriosuly rethink what it means to “Be the change you wish to see in the  world” (Gandhi)

We’ve got some hard questions to ask ourselves. Are we willing to abolish the privileges that come with our society? Are we willing to give up the comforts of capitalism? We say that we are but we don’t know what we’re talking about! We have the privilege to not HAVE to know.

But this new thing…I have faith that it will be better than the mess we have now. IF we choose to make it equitable for everyone. If we don’t, if we allow power to continue in a changed world, we have not changed a damn thing- we’ll simply have restructured the old system of domination in which we currently find ourselves.



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All you see in your world is the outcome of your idea about it.

Imagine the ideal life. It could be something like a society that fosters altruism, compassion for others, and an understanding of everything playing an integral part of the whole.

So act. Everything you say is a manifestation of your values. Say what you mean. And remember that every action does not go unheeded.

Every action or statement has equal value to any other statement or action. It is a part of something. Anything. Whether the exact goal is not known, the direction is essential. Go in that direction with what you believe.

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You are a teacup

You are a teacup that is hooked into a billion other teacups.

In every moment we choose what we fill ourselves with.

Domination. Violence. Fear. Separation. Love. Hope. Strength.

We must choose to empty ourselves of the fear of our lives in order to be full of love and strength and hope. We must empty ourselves of the negative in order to find peace within ourselves- there’s only so much room in the cup.

If we fill our lives with the illusion that we are individuals unique unto ourselves, we forget that we are connected. If we can break down the idea that we are autonomous, we begin to see how we affect each other. When we recognize our connectedness, we see that we must stand in solidarity in order to liberate ourselves. If I try to break out of a system of injustice without recognizing that we’re connected, I’m just going to pull you through the mud: we’ve got to stand up together.

Fill your cup with love. Empty yourself of the fear. It is an illusion, a distraction from the knowledge that it has been obscuring the entire time. You know who you are, but the fear is obscuring your vision by telling you who you “ought” to be.

Empty yourself of the fear and you will find the strength to know yourself.

There is nothing to fear.



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Seminar One

Hi all, and welcome to unschool.

First Seminar: Congratulations, you have engaged resistance already.  Something brought you here, and in this action, you have defied the constructs of all you have been raised into.  You are beginning to experience the effects of this deconstruction. Although you may have felt that change cannot happen, a simple engagement of your mind IS the change.

It changes exponentially because the more conscious you are, the more you become.

In this, you naturally attract others to question things. A simple, proven way to fix things is to identify the cause. Only when you identify the cause  can you fix the problem. Looking at the system now, society may identify ways to fix something without finding the cause. This mindset is flawed, in the sense that even if these things  do get fixed, the problem manifests itself in yet another form.

That is because we’re still within the boundaries of this system.

If the way to fixing things IS identifying the problem, than what would we find to be the problem? The problem is ourselves. War, Oppression, Racism, Hate, Spite, and Greed will all persist if we don’t fix ourselves.  Fortunately for us, this problem is fixed instantly. All it takes is a choice between fear and love. I’ll explain:

As humans, we are sentient, and conscious. As humans, we have unlimited potential. The same way the body evolves, the mind evolves as well. What we  are now witnessing is  a new evolution of the human mind. This evolution is based off of a core principle:

The only thing stopping you from evolving is fear of expanding yourself.

Therefore, fear is objective to oneself. There is no fear unless you think there is. Even then, its an illusion.

I have felt the disparity of letting the logical self let fear take over. The feelings may go one way while the mind doubts the feelings, and you trust the mind. I tell you this: your feelings have not been pointless. They are linked to the natural urge towards expansion of the self. The feelings come first as a designator, and the mind follows to give you free will on what to do with those feelings.

That is where you choose  either fear or love. Its simple, you have the choice.  Always.

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